My personal Top 5 Essential Life-Saving Wellness Tips!

What do you want to see improved inside your health? Continue, stay beside me; take a while to think about this. What would be the changes required to make this happen? Maybe you will want to write some thing down..? To create those changes an easy, purposeful, systematic as well as dedicated approach is required […]

How Big Pharma is Controlling Your Health Care

Complete Video Transcript 0:00dr. Farley work for the government would what in your opinion 0:04can can our health freedom be turned around when it comes to the 0:10pharmaceutical industry and the FDA and the American Medical Association and 0:15your knowledge of how some of those things work will we ever be able to go 0:19down […]

Love Gov: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices (Ep. 3 of 5)

Complete Video Transcript 0:00[EPISODE 3: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices] 0:10And How is the new patient this morning? 0:13Gov, what are you doing here? 0:16Well, your health is important to me, 0:17I was just talking with your doctor, making sure theyre qualified. 0:20This seems a little… intrusive. 0:24If making sure you get the healthcare you […]

Professor Warren Debunks A Few Healthcare Myths

Complete Video Transcript 0:12were me 0:13we we like to think were the best 0:15everything right to mister this right ok ship here 0:18her took my favorite minutes arm the first 0:23is if I have health insurance Im say 0:26Im Im making it pain every month you know 0:30I think theres even a little mama of […]

Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

Complete Video Transcript 0:06first of all 0:06what specifically in this health care reform bill 0:09the good the bad and ugly 0:11number one 0:12uh we have 0:14its if this is the uh congressman john larson im quoting is top cant 0:19immediate benefits from the belt okay 0:21he says the proudest pre-existing conditions exclusions for children and […]

Milton Friedman Health Care in a Free Market

Complete Video Transcript 0:00well done 0:04doing 0:10like the freemen concerning your comments 0:12youre not controversial comments 0:16that theres no place for government and private medicine 0:20what are your views on the regulatory powers are the FDA in the 0:26the work that theyre trying to do a well 0:30you have a great many heart specialists in […]